The Glory & Class Consulting Experience

Brand Story

When Covid-19 entered the United States of America in 2020, its impact left many unemployed, and many individuals tried to survive by seeking alternative revenue to care for their families. Marie witnessed how individuals with salary income needed an alternative to offset the financial devastation of Covid. So, she decided to use her business knowledge and years of experience to help individuals seeking a successful business.

Throughout the pandemic, many individuals would come to Marie and ask for assistance in earning income. Marie welcomed the opportunity. Through her interactions, she served individuals and explored entrepreneurial opportunities. Shortly after, Marie founded Glory & Class Consulting LLC in 2020. Her brand name represents individuals having the best business while continuing their education to meet customers' demands. Soon, Marie was helping individuals with no prior business experience discover their purpose. She mentored them and activated their potential to earn revenue--all during a time when Covid was causing much distress and uncertainty. To help ease the financial burden for her clients, Marie offered some of her services at low cost or pro bono.  

During a time when hope was at its brim, Marie guided her clients to create meaningful, impactful brands that resonate with their target audiences. Her clients began increasing their revenues. To date, Marie's clients continue to thrive and seek her services.

Who is Marie Valentine, CEO?

Marie Valentine is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Glory & Class Consulting. She is also a Marketing and Brand Strategist passionate about teaching others to grow their business or launch their ideas into a business. With over 7 years of industry experience, Marie has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their goals and become leaders in their respective industries. 

Marie's journey began as a paralegal, where she developed the ability to notice or recognize quality. She also had a passion for helping others. After earning an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies from Eastern Gateway Community College in Ohio, Marie transitioned into marketing and branding. Marie began self-study marketing strategies and also took classes in Entrepuernship. 

Through her education and years of experience, Marie has gained a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful brand in today's ever-changing market. Her brand strategy, marketing, and communications expertise have made her a sought-after speaker and consultant. Marie's ability to identify key trends and insights that help brands stand out in crowded marketplaces has earned her a reputation for crafting effective campaigns that generate results.

Marie has recently completed her bachelor's degree in business management and leadership at Franklin University College.